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K&E Scientific Singapore Pte Ltd was founded in year 2008 .Our present team comprises of 3 divisions, mainly, Sales, Service & Calibration, Fabrication & Refrigeration. The Divisional Managers are the main shareholders of K&E Scientific, and hence, we are able decide and act promptly to our client’s request.

We aim to maintain a good continuous relationship with our clients and business partners by providing our best knowledge, effort and experience in product sales and services to serve the industry. Our goal is to confidently give every customer a peace of mind with our products by providing accurate product information, training and effective after-sales support. We are confident to promote and sell our products in the competitive market edge and to succeed as one of the top service providers in the scientific and petroleum testing instruments industry today.


TE Instruments -GLS Gas

and LPG Samples

TE Instruments - The Xplorer TX/TS

Total Chloride and Total Sulfur

TE Instruments - The Xplorer



TE Instruments Xpert 

TO10 .jpg

TO 10 Thermal Oxidation Stability Test Rig

ASTM D3241, IP 323, ISO 6249, 

D1655,D7566, DEF STAN 91-091

DT 100 DL Dispersancy Tester

Dispersancy of in-service engine oil

ASTM D7899

DR 10 ITR Tube Deposit Rater

(Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Turbine)

ASTM D3241, ASTM D1655, ASTM D7566,

ISO 6249, Def Stan 91-91

CT 10 Corrosion Tester

NACE TM0172, ASTM D665,

D7548, IP135, ISO7120, JIS K2510


AutoREID - Reid Vapor Pressure

ASTM D323, D4953, ISO 3007, IP 69

ST10On-site Fuel Stability and

Compatibility Tester 

ASTM D4740

SP 10 Somke Point Tester

ASTM D1322, D1655, IP598,

Def Stan 91-91

Eralytics Eraspec Oil FTIR Oil Analysis

Eralytics Eravap Vapour Pressure Tester


Eralytics Eracheck Pro

Eralytics Eraflash Flashpoint Tester

Eralytics Eracheck  Oil and Grease in water


Eralytics Eravap Crude Oil

Eralytics Eraflash S10 

Eralytics Eraspec Portable Fuel Analyzer


Eravap Online


H2S Analyser 

ASTM D 7621, IP 570, ISO 8217

AvCount Laser Particle Counters 

ASTM D7619, D975, Defence Standards 91-91 & 91-86, D6786, D7647, IP 565, ISO 60970,ISO 11500, GOST 17216, AS 4059F, 

SAE A6D, GB 5930, NAS 1638 

AFIDA - Advanced Fuel Ignition Delay Analyser

ASTM D613, IP 41, IP 617, BS EN ISO 5165,

BS 2000-41, ISO 5165


Water Separation Instrument (WSI) 

ASTM D8073, D1655, IP 624 


Seta Rust Prevention Test Bath

ASTM D665, D 3603, D 5534, IP 135, ISO 7120,


FIJI JF - FAME in Jet Instrument

ASTM D7797, D 1655, DEF STAN

91-091, IP 583

Seta Air Release Value Apparatus 

ASTM D3427, IP 313, BS 2000 PART 313,

ISO 9120, DIN 51 381, NFT 60-149


Seta Cold Filter Blocking Tendency

ASTM D2068, IP 387, IP 618

Seta Oil Test Centrifuge - 4- & 6  place

ASTM D1290, ASTM D1796, ASTM D2273,

ASTM D2709, ASTM D2711, ASTM D4007,

ASTM D893, ASTM D91, ISO 3734, ISO 9030

SETA PM-93 Pensky-Martens Flash Point Tester

ASTM D93, Procedures A, B & C, IP 34 Procedures A, B & C, ISO 2719 Procedures A,B & C.


Salt in Crude Analyser

ASTM D3230, IP 265


Seta Herschel Emulsifier

ASTM D 1401, IP 412, ISO 6614


Seta Reid Vapour Pressure Bath

ASTM D1267, ASTM D323 Procedures A, C & D, ASTM D4953 Procedure A, BS EN ISO 4256, BS 2000-410, BS ISO 3007; BS 2000-69, IP 410, IP 69 Procedures A, C & D

Seta Copper Silver Block Bath

ASTM  D130, ASTM D7667


Setaflash Series 3 ActiveCool Flash Point Tester

ASTM D3278, ASTM D3828, ASTM D7236, ASTM D8174, ASTM E502, BS EN ISO 3679, BS 2000-523, DEF STAN 91-091, EPA 1020 A & B, IP 523, IP 524, IP 534, ISO 3680 (Obs)


Seta Multiflash Automatic Flash Point - Universal Base Unit 

IP 170; IP 492; IP 36; EN ISO 13736; ISO 1523
ASTM D92 D56; EN ISO 2592 IP 491,492


Setaflash Series 8 Flash Point Tester

ASTM D1655, ASTM D3278, ASTM D3828, ASTM D7236, ASTM D8174, ASTM E502, BS EN ISO 3679, BS 2000-523

Setaflash Series 3 Open Cup Flash Point Tester

ASTM D4206, BS 3900-A11, CFR 49-173.120 Appendix H, CLP Regulations EC No 1272/2008, IATA Dangerous Goods Regs. Section 3.3.4, IP 602, ISO 9038, UN Class 3 Test L2


Setaflash Series 3 ActiveCool Flash Point Tester

ASTM D3278, ASTM D3828, ASTM D8174, ASTM E502, BS EN ISO 3679, BS 2000-523, IP 523, IP 524, ISO 3680 (Obs)


Seta Multi Filtration Tester (MFT)

ASTM D2068, EN 590, IP 387, IP PM EA/13


Seta Multiflash Abel Flash Point Module

BS 3900-A9, BS 6664-2, ISO 1523, BS EN ISO 13736, BS 2000-170, IP 170, IP 492


Setamatic Penetrometer

ASTM D1321, D1403, D1831, D217, D5, D7342, D937, BS 1377, BS 2000-179, BS 2000-50, BS EN 13880-2, BS EN 1426, BS 2000-49, DIN 51 579, DIN 51 580, IP 179, IP 310, IP 376, IP 49, IP 50, ISO 2137


Setaclean Total Sediment Tester

ASTM D4870, BS ISO 10307-1, BS ISO 10307-2, BS 2000-390, IP 375, IP 390


Seta Multiflash Tag Flash Point Module

ASTM D3934, ASTM D3941, ASTM D56, ASTM E502, IP 491, IP 492, ISO 1516, ISO 1523


Seta Multiflash Cleveland Flash Point Module

ASTM D92, BS DIN EN ISO 2592, IP 36


Seta Micro Carbon Residue Tester

ASTM D189, ASTM D4530, BS EN ISO 10370, BS 2000-398, IP 13, IP 398, ISO 10370, ISO 6615


Seta Fuel Oil Ageing Bath

Temperature range ambient

+5 °C to 120 °C

IP 390 Procedure A: ISO 10307


Seta Oxidation Solid Block Bath 4 Way

ASTM D525, ASTM D873, BS 2000-138, IP 138, BS EN ISO 7536, BS 2000-40, ISO 7536, IP 40

KV-2 Low Temperature Viscometer Bath

ASTM D445, ASTM D446, BS 188, BS 2000-71-2 & ISO 3105, BS EN ISO 3104 & BS 2000-71.1 & ISO 3104, IP 71

Seta TOST Solid Block Bath 

ASTM D2274, IP 388, ASTM D943, IP 157, ISO 12205, ISO 4263

Seta-Shell Four Ball Lubricant Testers 

ASTM D2266, ASTM D2596, ASTM D2783, ASTM D4172, BS EN ISO 20623, BS ISO 26422, DIN 51 350, IP 239


Seta Existent Gum Solid Bath

ASTM D381,IP 131, IP 540, BS 2000 part 131, 

BS 4348 (obs) ISO 6246, DIN 51 784,

NF M07-004, FTM 791 3302, JIS K2261

16130-3_Steam_Generator 1.jpg

Seta Steam Generator

Astm D4870 IP375, 390 BS ISO 10307-1 For use with the Setaclean Total Sediment Tester

JF-1A In-line Conductivity Sensor 

ASTM 2624

Seta KV6 Viscometer Bath

ASTM D445,D 446,D 2170,D 2270, IP 71,

226, 319, BS 188, 2000-71-2, ISO 3105

BR Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

ASTM D1160

SetaFoam Dual Twin Foam Test Baths 

IASTM D892; ISO 6247,IP 146

Space Octopus Transparent

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